Friday, September 30, 2005

open source

i like open source software cause people (like you and me) can empliment and modify them to their general needs, as in no corporate sucking up to the others and fitting it to their needs, it's in people's control and corporates are begining to respond to that positively to the extent that their use of open source software is starting to grow after seeing the governments' (another source to suck up to) interest in them, the fact that you can contribute and offer your own help in any way you can, alter it and fix it for your needs and contribute your changes along, wanasa!, people cooperating! :D

alternatives, gotta love 'em!, BE UNIQUE! :D

their loss, not mine.., the closing lines

(on a personal note)

oh, on a personal note?, i'm not gonna lay out the bad (lots) in you and then would probably blurt out the good (almost seldom) in you, i'm not gonna mention you acting like an 8 year old brat who thinks that the world circles around them. who keeps ranting and whining while i listen like an idiot while thinking of a simple meaning thing that you would comprehend (oh well, i guess i did..), we all have issues to whine and bitch about, but we also do tend to listen to the other's too, that's what friends are there for, we listen to their problems and hope that they are eligible to listen to ours too, if people want to talk more frequently, politely asking you how you are first, how you feel, that doesn't mean we'd want "attention" and that we wouldn't understand if it's not the right time, it's about sensing if the other is available to listen, i mean i try to be always there as a helping hand and an ear layer to a friend in need, and i do expect it in return, i don't think that would be selfish of me, nothing's wrong with giving and expecting in return, that's a fact of life, but i personally tend to give more and just expect a little gratitude in return.

and being "offended" by a slang?, my god how "mistake catching" of them!, i mean "SHIT" happens (referring to a situation ,for anti-anti-slang explanation purpose), friends forgive and forget, or that's how i understand and act on, i passed on a lot of offends and other general mistakes that i would personally try not to have coming out of me.

i try.., i try to be as civil and as logical as i can, but i guess it's clashing with other awkward (in my humble opinion) personalities, the fact that people are different.., i know that would probably won't work out friendship-wise but i had hope in embracing it (and hopefully still do).

there!, i said it!, now i could sleep with a restful mind, i've actually let some steam off, i'm surprised i've written all that calmly while i was thinking them in an angry tone, i wish i could've been as frank as SwAIR when it comes to "letting some steam off" aka ranting, but i seriously consider not offending (much) anyone in whatever i say (6a7 7a'6ey)..

*loong sigh* i would've written more about it but i'm afraid that i'm too sleepy and i can't help it if i ever fall asleep on the keyboard *glares at you laptop owning people*


their loss, not mine..

  • people are different

  • some alienate themselves while others try to communicate

i try to embrace life, be nice to people and treat them equally, no prejudice or racism, i admit i do have them in me, planted in me actually, affected by the community and raised with them, but thank god i hide them off and try to forget that evil, lame and elitist crap

i would want to talk about how men and women don't get each other on various relationship levels (from casual friendships to serious love), how men seem careless but they're really blocking their emotions out, cause they are sensitive too, they're human, we are all the same, it's just the way both genders react towards things they get, cause and effect..
how women show their emotions without elaborating them (the cause, reaction towards it and the solution), how they tend to show their feelings while men don't on most occasions cause of the macho thing, pride and shesma, compromise of leadership sometimes.

i personally can relate to all that but i try to be as open as i possibly can in my thoughts and debates, as in more than just accepting the other's opinion, i mean opening my mind out to them, tell what i feel and what i think of the certain point of subject and other related matters (that's why you're seeing the short lines up there cause i think they're related and leading to the same point of this post),

am i being clear enough?, i don't think i am, i probably need to take a class of some sort to learn how to express myself more and clearly..

i think cross gender friendships are totally possible, healthy and can be as open as possible and they do work out fine, but here.., my surroundings, the place i live in, country, region, it's starting to spread out, trying to work out fine, but the issues.., reactions and treating the other as a human being first, then considering the other's gender and character and respecting 'em, while trying to be as civil as possible and not annoy the other with a misbehavior while realizing what you're doing and not admit it or try to better yourself by getting rid of it, ya3ni treating the other as nice and respecting as possible for god's sake and not exactly calling the other selfish while you're exactly being that or even worst, being self absorbed, as in being bothered by listening to someone else's expressions and complaints, that's what friends are there for right?, ya3ni who else are you gonna talk to about your issues?,
les familia?, what if you're not that close to your family.., people are different with diverse issues that are common, people are different ya3ni even the decent ones would probably not have tight knit relationships with their families and have a total different personality that is none relative to their family's,

i just wish that i would meet as much decent people as possible in my life time.., i could probably survive it fine.

the alternative you ask?, finding your other "compatible" half, now good luck with that

this post was inspired by my dear Symbols (les topique ;p) and something that happened to me today..,
i apologize if my elaborating skills are a bit lackish today, ickiness caused by boredom and the need to flee out to a resting ground.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

once a loner, ALWAYS a loner

i skipped lunch and felt like going to the beach today.., i needed some fresh air,

instead i just opened my room's window with the A/C on (YEAH 3ala hal7ar) but surprisingly there wasn't much sun and the warm air mixed really well with the freezey A/C breeze.., it felt like ramadan walla, funny and weird at the same time, probably cause i have an empty stomach and the weather in ramadan's usually like that, chillyish and calm in the afternoon.

Friday, September 23, 2005

HP iPAQ H6300 (H6315) and Linux

H6300 Boot

i SO wanna do that.., i just lack the MMC card-reader part.. *UGH!*

i'm so bored of windows mobile cause i think that 99.9% of damn software designed for it cost a fortune EACH and every single one of them!

i only use my baby pda to listen to comedy streams and play useless mini swap puzzle games nowadays :P hehe

MMC Card/Reader added to the wish list, man it's getting too crammed up -.-

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


  • not rich, not poor
  • not smart, not dumb
  • not religious, not an athiest
  • not hyper, not a bum
  • not social, not a loner
  • not addicted, not clean
  • not angry, not pleased
  • not sad, not happy
i'm always in the in middle..
Main Entry: neutralPart of Speech: adjective 1Definition: impartialSynonyms:
aloof, bystanding, calm, clinical, collected, cool, detached, disengaged,
disinterested, dispassionate, easy, even-handed, fair-minded, impersonal,
inactive, indifferent, inert, nonaligned, nonbelligerent, nonchalant,
noncombatant, noncommital, noncommittal, nonparticipating, nonpartisan, on
sidelines, pacifistic, poker-faced, relaxed, unaligned, unbiased, uncommitted,
unconcerned, undecided, uninvolved, unprejudiced Antonyms: biased,
partisanSource: Roget's New Millenniumâ„¢ Thesaurus, First Edition (v
Main Entry: neutral groundPart of Speech: nounDefinition: meeting
groundSynonyms: center, gray area, happy medium, interface, middle ground,
neutral territorySource: Roget's New Millenniumâ„¢ Thesaurus, First Edition (v
stuck in between..

Sunday, September 18, 2005

it does concern..

i totally support 's post about the US-SLASH-Kuwaiti citizen chicks cause it stopped being a "personal" issue when they were labeled as "slash" kuwaiti, the dual citizenship thing is the main issue here cause they are damn US citizen first then comes the dual citizenship thing which was stuck to it cause of the name and race of for sure (media frenzy) and that just plain pisses me off, believe me if they weren't mentioned as kuwaiti citizens too it would've just been a mere *did you know* and the "setraw 3albanat" thing would've worked out, bas '7ala9 it became our concern as kuwaitis and it's shameful too.

At 1:37 PM, Kuwaiti Femme said...
First and for most, I will apologize if I had insulted anyone. Its not only the public that is telling me to take off my post (which is just the facts anyone can look up online in 2 mins.) but also my family members. I am not trying to "ruin" these girls reputations. I don't think my impact is so great. And if people truly think my blog is such a defining statement for these girl's future reputations, please get over it. We come from a society where Kids can get blue tooth videos of people having their heads chopped off (and god knows what else) I sincerely doubt my modest web page will effect too many. I have put this up not for the sake of gossip, which I do oppose whole heartily; but because I believe that it is a controversial issue that educated and well-mannered people could acknowledge and define. I personally have nothing against drinking, in fact, I have nothing against people living their lives they way they want to, (unless they censor me). I was shocked to learn that those girls would drink and drive, and I acknowledge that it is the mistake of all mistakes since a life has been taken. This is not a battle between the USA and Kuwait, I live in the US, and not one American seems to care. In America, about 18,000 people die each and every year because of drunk-driving accidents, and about 327,000 are injured.(, We as Kuwaitis could try and try to shield ourselves from our own gossip, but the fact of the matter is We are our own burden. The details of the situation was televised, and easily accessible. I am merely restating the information I had received from other people. Its not secret. We shouldn't cover up such an incident, but instead learn from it and educate your youth. We have to understand the brutality of the situation and hope these girls will grow from it as we should too.

i totally agree with what's said except for the "have nothing against drinking" part but it's a personal opinion and i respect it, we have our traditions here (let alone religion cause it's an already played card) and i as a kuwaiti respect them too and we do have our reputation based on it and it's being carefully watched by neighboring countries (ya shamatit abla 6aza feya..) plus the girls' family reputation amogst us locals again cause it concerns SLASH-kuwaiti [GIRLS] and there's drunkness (just the actual one who did the hit, thank god) involved plus the victim's death, a 3-in-1 combo that mix really well with eachother that the facts and disreputation will stick to their families for ages.

again i'm not against "elsiter" but it got blocked out when they were labeled with the SLASH thing as in almost disregarding them as full blown US citizens by sticking the dual citizenship on them.

i applaud the bravery of my fellow q80 blogger abroad (rhymes!) "Kuwaiti Femme" and the logicality of Bo Jaij plus emjablah 7ag halAnonymous "way fashla" people who are wallaho a3lam probably close friends and/or relatives of the SLASH girls mentioned above and they were *only* playing the "fashla drop it they're e3yal dertek" card and totally neglected the other "revealing/notable/attractioning/magnetic" facts.

ya3ni i'm against publicizing the thing for the sake of the poor families as in direct request to the court or arresting officers (if they acted on it earlier) by their representative attorneys to not reveal their names or at least last names, but i'm totally with the fact that we are directly involved cause they were labeled as one of us kuwaitis in general (the SLASH-dual citizenship thing).

oh and to those Anonymous "omg way fashla setraw remove the post" close friends and/or relative people,

THESE ARE *OUR* PERSONAL SPACES AND WE HAVE THE FUCKING (scuuze me french) RIGHT TO WRITE, WHINE, BITCH etc. ABOUT ANY DAMN THING WE WANT (personal freedom, no one's obligated to read our blogs EVER) ya3ni we talk about whatever the hell we want, whenever the fuck (scuze me french again) we want PERIOD.
and that, ladies and gents what triggered the seriousish nationalist side of humble moi to post about this issue, FREE SPEECH ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE, everyone's entitled to what they say and they have the right to spit it out, talk about anything and everything you want, my dear q80 bloggies, darbkom '7athar..

q80 femme YOU GO GIRL *double snap*, lat'7afen.. know that there are people who support you for opening your mind out to the world.

Keep on Blogging!

oh btw this entire thing was posted using a great freeware blogging proggie called w.bloggar and it works fast!, *LUV* THE LITTLE THING! :D

now cause i said something about french and that caused me to remember that french freaky matrix character..,

"i bid you adieu"

Thursday, September 15, 2005

moblog test!

It's not really about "switching"

i've been crawling on the net as usual and i was checking on firefox extensions, 19 inch lcds, 300+ gig sata hds at the time then started looking for interesting utilities like a decent windows explorer alternative then it hit me that i tried replacing that boring plain notepad.exe a while back with a more feature enriched one called notepad2 (yah, not an original name but it's straight forward in being advertised as an alternative :P) and failed cause of the windows file protection thingie that kept restoring the original one back but i thankfully found a solution while googling to find it's website again, i started to tend on liking open source(personal obsession) and freeware alternatives for windows cause they have notably matured enough through the years,

well never mind describing how i got to that now and let's get on to the point,
i ended up reading an interesting post on greg hughes' blog about how he got his new mini mac and how he's handling it, he's right about how he thinks of it and i totally agree,

And so it goes that the world need not be PC vs. Mac - and there's no need to make it all about "switching."

In my geeky world, one that's been mostly populated by PCs, it's really all about adding the Mac to my computer inventory.

yep!, i totally agree and that's how i think of it too!, the fun part is "exploring" the world of computers and it's diversities, the mac part is the one that i'm not much fond of, it's the operating system is the one that's mainly important for me, plus apple is making the big "switch" to the "general" computer world it's going to open a lot of closed doors, mac os x on your custom built pc anyone? :P (it's going to be "locked" no doubt, but there *will* be exceptions *cough*).

lucky him he got his mini mac for free using some weird way that i have no interest in taking part of, but my god ME WANTS!, but i have a different crave which is the ibook, portability and maciness.., oh well, it is going to happen SOON enough, hopefully before the big "switch" that's gonna happen next year along with the fuss of the new windows vista (ew.., e'7le9at elasami..)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

when i get angry..

my body heats up, my head gets this awkward pressurey pain.., i feel like screaming and cussing it up but i don't (mostly), i start chain smoking one ciggie after another. one of the main reasons i smoke is soothing my temper and it works, i frown with a sad face, innocent in denial look.., i stop after smoking 3 or 4 cigs depending on how big an issue it is, i cool down to the level of saneness and relax, i start thinking about it, making solutions in my mind with dialogues, scenes of how it would've been if i reacted or took action or said differently, what's it called?, strategic troubleshooting?, that's how i can describe it right now (techie me).., think of how that situation that triggered my anger would have been if it has gone in a different course, i think of what i have said and what would've been said in return, think of how it could be solved and fixed, how i would act on it maturely, some temporary fixes that won't last long and that issue would piss me off cause it still exists, but that's how life is, rarely fair..

in the end after all the fuss that happens in my brain i settle with a solution and/or shesma.., a scenario of what should've been done, learn from my mistakes.. "always", as in not ignore it nor be stubborn towards it or act negatively aggressive towards it or "them", always be rational and logic, that's how i taught my self to be to live it out, life goes on.

what inspired me to write it was
How do you release your anger? Write dark and random poetry, and cry...
i blame SwAiR on it :P hehe well thanks for your "inspirational" tag answer!, always wanted to describe how i react towards my temperish anger :P, thanks!

oh forgot to mention how i'd react towards anger in person, ya3ni something that was said or done to me in person, initially i'd act all cool about it, try to talk it out calmly and tell the person about what they just did and ask why blah blah.. loyah, i ignore and just frown sometimes.. meanie people don't deserve getting on my nerves or temper.., ugh mali '7elg, that's a whole different subject here, probably some other time..

Sunday, September 11, 2005

MP3 HD Car Players et Peugeot Models

i'm sick of my old sony car cd player, i had it with me since the old car and it was the only good type of in-dash cd player that i can afford, i always wanted an mp3 car player, and later i've been thinking about a (yeah, even better and more practical) "Hard Drive Car Based MP3 Player" like this one, the SSI Neo-35 MP3 Player (me likes!), done some googling here and there, not much of them around, this one can be installed fine on the dash but i have to remove the stock stereo which is lucky for me is directly connected to an info display screen on my Peugeot 307,

my god have you seen the new 407 COUPE?!, i just knew about it and it's a total BEAUTE!, and ugh EW the new 307.., poor thing.., they've ruined it!, my 2003 is MUCH MORE better looking exteriour wise!, i love the the new 307 convertable though.., i wanna get my hands on it some day

update: take a look at these babies too, i know they look hedious :P, the Densions are fine right?

short stuff to say

  • blogging is NOT a trend
  • the ipod is more like a fashion statement (or trend):
that's what i see in many people but not Symbsy Blasha or Mark, how i tracked their interest in their ipod thingies is that smybs takes it as a great way of listening to her favorite music, blash is more like me, a "huncher" ya3ni she sees something that she likes, it means that it's gonna be a practical toy to fiddle with, my tech role model dude mark is an apple fanatic and a gadget collector and i think it's a great hobby so i don't blame him.
  • i'm seriously thinking of migrating to wordpress
  • i'm not in the mood to blog or track blogs even my faves
  • i seriously need to lose weight cause:
THAT IS IT!, i hate how i look and i hate how i got stuck to wearing dishdashas just cause if it and trying to convince myself that i'm just trying to be a national wear supporter and telling people that it's more cozy and "zgert" looking on me.
  • i should start working out and i already started my own diet thing, not eating much and have as much soup drinks as i can to fill up my hunger
  • i should start blogging my thoughts more often, even the "silly" and "useless" ones (what i think of them ya3ni) even if they were totally mixed out, as in tech-bitch-tech-tech-bitch-make fun of-whine-tech-tech..
  • i should stop worrying about my elaborating skills and be straight to the point while blogging
that's it, too many short stuff said, have a nice few lasting holiday days, live every single one of them cause i can feel the damn end-of-holiday pressure on people and it's getting on my nerves.