Thursday, September 15, 2005

It's not really about "switching"

i've been crawling on the net as usual and i was checking on firefox extensions, 19 inch lcds, 300+ gig sata hds at the time then started looking for interesting utilities like a decent windows explorer alternative then it hit me that i tried replacing that boring plain notepad.exe a while back with a more feature enriched one called notepad2 (yah, not an original name but it's straight forward in being advertised as an alternative :P) and failed cause of the windows file protection thingie that kept restoring the original one back but i thankfully found a solution while googling to find it's website again, i started to tend on liking open source(personal obsession) and freeware alternatives for windows cause they have notably matured enough through the years,

well never mind describing how i got to that now and let's get on to the point,
i ended up reading an interesting post on greg hughes' blog about how he got his new mini mac and how he's handling it, he's right about how he thinks of it and i totally agree,

And so it goes that the world need not be PC vs. Mac - and there's no need to make it all about "switching."

In my geeky world, one that's been mostly populated by PCs, it's really all about adding the Mac to my computer inventory.

yep!, i totally agree and that's how i think of it too!, the fun part is "exploring" the world of computers and it's diversities, the mac part is the one that i'm not much fond of, it's the operating system is the one that's mainly important for me, plus apple is making the big "switch" to the "general" computer world it's going to open a lot of closed doors, mac os x on your custom built pc anyone? :P (it's going to be "locked" no doubt, but there *will* be exceptions *cough*).

lucky him he got his mini mac for free using some weird way that i have no interest in taking part of, but my god ME WANTS!, but i have a different crave which is the ibook, portability and maciness.., oh well, it is going to happen SOON enough, hopefully before the big "switch" that's gonna happen next year along with the fuss of the new windows vista (ew.., e'7le9at elasami..)


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