Thursday, November 06, 2008

i just thought of deleting my blog

all the memories from tracing my old entries.., feels awkward, reminds me of interesting people i met and lost track of, i wonder what happened to them how are they doing now are they happy are they well are they choked up in life's ultimate charade

i wish a happy fulfilling life to them and theirs

used this little web thingie mostly as my personal open diary, i actually enjoyed the fact that people would possibly read what i spew out what goes through my mind, started when blogging became the new thing that people waste time at on the web, now it grew to be one of the most influential web presence up until now, wow.. glorious

on a second thought..pass on that idea..i'll leave it be, hop on from time to time..why not.



At 7/29/2009 11:57:00 PM , Blogger Dream Guider said...

It is a real interest to see how every one deal with their life.. and how they do think.. and know its a learning why to gain an experince from others.. and i thanks you for that :)


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