Friday, June 24, 2005

xbox is heaven sent

i love my xbox, but i've been too bored to even turn that thing on and play, i usually play on it to temporarily escape my boredom and get excited over adventure story driven games and finishing them one at a time, i'm trying to get over with Red Ninja (cute deadly chick with a REALLY short kimono) for now but it's soo frustrating cause i'm stuck at a level (oh hi symb!) with shaky grounds that i have to jump and swing over and over on them to reach the top of some overgrown statue of Buddha,

you should check it out really, it's worth the 1.500 kds (LOL don't get richeous on me now :P) that i paid, it's a classic story that takes place in ancient*?* japan. i don't know cause there was a level where i get inside some bulgarian ship that turns out to be a stealthed gang ship with lots of gun powder in it *GULP*,

i think i'm starting to give up on it cause i've been trying to get over that lame frustrating jump and hang all over the place level and start play some serious hot game called Tom Clancy's Splintercell: Chaos Theory, i played the previous version on pc and i LOVED IT, IT ROCKED, i couldn't play it as soon as i bought it though, i had to put it aside cause my old pc didn't like it and didn't even want to run it, i got me a new pc a few months later and played the thing like there's no tomorrow,

that's how cool of a game it is, so realistic and cool spy licensed to kill kind of game, as a matter of fact i'm gonna play me some chaos theory on me xbox RIGHT NOW, i wanted to play it last cause i wanted to enjoy it real good and i know that i'll pass through it but feel funny cause playing the older one with a mouse and keyboard was more comfortable and had lots of buttons to press on..

i don't care about the new 360 one cause usually here consoles get famous a year after with a more acceptable price tag, i wuv my well hidden under the fat tv above the receiver and dvd overweight xbox! :D

i just had a chat with symb and she's such a nice person, she types in whole sentences unlike the annoyingly couple of words and enter kind of me..,

i'm hungry :P

Monday, June 20, 2005

UNLEASH the geek within

mister b-sides Mark, this post is dedicated to you
(aka your advice is greatly needingly appreciated LOL :P)

i want a mac!!, and i want it portable cause i haven't got both yet, i want a mac cause it's something i haven't practically tried yet, and i want a laptop cause i wanna be in some outdoursy near the beach "browsing the web".. hah as if!, that's too average for me, i try operating systems (linux) and check out software more than i do your average browse the web chat with people kind of thing..

i want a mac cause it's CUTE with a nice feel to it, totally user friendly and with not much to configure for HOURS to get the perfect desktop that you like, i want a portable and i thought of windows mobile (i-mate) but it's cons are awful like this battery issue and settings, files and software lost if it ever died, i still would love one but i won't be wasting my own money on it :P, me wants laptop thingie cause mobility is nice, taking your chat access web browse experience is a cool thought..

now the price of the hot mac laptoppie ones is EXPENSIVE here, as in 800+ kds expensive, these are the powerbooks, they look sleek and fine but 17 inch for a monitor?, too much for even me besides the overprice, i'd love my mac lappie to be small, cute and unique like the ibook, aii even the name is kinda catchy don't you think? :D

the 12-inch Combo Drive is cute looking with a small monitor making the laptop itself small, but the specs sucks!, as in 1.2 GHz (which is fine by me cause it's portable and i don't need to have any heavy stuff on it) and 256mb ram only and i know that OSX won't run smoothly on it specially with programs hugging on the memory next to it.. well it says on the on page that it supports up to 1.25GB but with only 1 expansion slot, 30 gig hard drive and 32mb ram for the vga,

too bad a spec cause please my god it costs around 400+ at eureka and probably virgin too and they have MUCH better specs for almost the same price on regular laptops, i remember them having a promo including this baby and a colored ipod mini for 444 kds, 7asafa i wasn't that interested but i was thinking about it back then i would've probably seriously thought about buying..

i tried the operating system (Mac OSX) once or twice enough that i know i could get used to it easily, most of the popular software brands like browsers, chat and media programs support it plus it can run linux software thingies with the help of some programs like fink, it's a debian linux package management thingie which downloads and installs software with a single command or a convenient click of a button with a package browser (WOW i should change my name off average joe to geeky q80 <-- rhyms!) and don't forget that it is unix yet friendliest to the extreme and it's SAFE, as in NO DAMN antivirus or firewall bothering you every now and then with a virus alert and boring long scans or with a window popping up about every pesky thing that happens, so when i sum it up it's like ME WANTS MAC LAPPIE THINGIE BIG TIME!! hehe, and i'm thinking of buying it local cause i want out of the box arabo support like arabic keyboard and already there arabic fonts support on fresh install (is that possible?) so internet shopping is a big fat no no, plus i want it in my hands as soon as i pay or i'll go nuts waiting for it to be delivered..

so i've got windows on this baby that i personally assembled 6 months ago, linux on the old surviving lady that i had for 5 years and it's still kicking butt, so the great next thing that'll complete the collection would be a mac and in a laptop for a plus,

i know that apple's gonna move out to the outer world of pc hardware instead of it's annoyingly different ppc architecture that makes it unique in a lame expensive way, but i also like the fact that it is unique, i like different, but not in an extreme out of the circle way if you know what i mean..

okay that's it, that's what happens when i talk tech, i'm a pro tech user (NOT geek cause i don't like to go deep into that stuff), i like trying out different ways of computing probably cause i'm trying to find the perfect flawless experience with no hassle..

yadda yadda enough tech talk for now and my blogging habbit is getting too fast for my brain so i'll probably relax for a while (a week max) and kick back and relax while hassling on my favorite bloggies with useless comments LOL,

luv you all n ciao :D

Friday, June 17, 2005

gotta love it when i'm right..

"R&B clearly has its origins in the secular folk music of the American black musician - the Blues. For me, the Blues is essentially about emotional expression and is predominantly a vocal medium - although there are many examples of blues instrumentals to refute this assertion, it is the singer who expresses the feelings of the blues; and there are a number of vocal techniques which are used to create the desired effects. There are of course a range of blues intrumentations which accompany the central vocal performance (the bending of guitar strings, the classic bottleneck of so many of the great blues guitarists, the harmonica imitating the idioms of the human voice etc. etc.) and which clearly help to create the unique blues performance."

and this is what triggered the ever lasting stupid rage of a discussion between me, the logical minded straight to the point me and an emotional narcissistic surprisingly closed minded novel hugging bookworm who though of joe (who happens to be one of my idols that i think of as one of best ever vocal sensations in R&B and a great song writer/composer) as a dog who lures whores into having hot doggy animalistic wet sex through his hot looks and his pimped out pricey ride to his fat expensive luxurious crib(house) by just reading the lyrics of a single song and then summed up a whole genre of music as garbage (and that's the clean version of what's been said)..

that person considered that song as mere emotionless physical sex with the purpose of fulfilling the animal need in him (joe, the artist), and i was shocked cause they explained love to me as a spiritual experience *only* and physical love has no part in it nor even romance.., i respect their point of view as they grabbed an idea of love through reading imaginative fictional poetry and novels etc. (i'm not much interested in that btw), but attacking my point of view of what was meant by the lyrics of the song and the intention of the artist was really shocking to me, i mean nothing's wrong with expressing your love and admiration to your partner through strong meaningful straight to the point simple words and acting on them, as in living the romantic moment (which was thought of as illiterate by a third party)..

i was really angry, i thought of them as being as open minded as i am, i think that the intension of the stubborn enforced point of view that got in my nerves (and i'm not an easy to piss off kind of person) was meant to hurt me, as in it was intensional for the purpose of driving me away.., i was hurt, shocked sad and angered all at the same time, they were trying to prove that by being different we're no longer compatible, and the intension had nothing to do with this point, had nothing to do with the strong relation we had, and i think that being different was one of the reasons that this relation was based on..

at last i moved on, trying to forget about what we ever had in the past, erased the memories (some good, LOTS of bad ones) and just keep on living this god forsaken life.., i feel weak and miserable like i used to in the past that i left behind, the bad mood that i was talking about (they triggered it..) in a previous post and tried to avoid..

- FIN -

PS: *looks at the clock and time of post* ooh, 45 minutes of straight writing!, beat that jackie! :P hehe

Friday, June 10, 2005

dear q80 bloggies..

WARNING!: too complicated to be read if passing you're just passing by

HELP!, i've been really wanting to write about stuff regular interesting fe'6awa or even bitch about anything that pisses me off,

but i'm afraid.. afraid of what you ask?, of being not interesting enough to dem peepz (believe me i've been tying to be),
if you'd ever take a look at my previous posts you'd notice that i've thought of every single word i wrote and it's really painful, cause it usually takes me an HOUR to write one and even days, weeks or months (i really don't remember) to push my self on writing another :P, i REALLY need you to answer these:

(pause to think of the damn questions - 8:29AM)

1. does it take you a while to write a blog entry? if so, how much?

2. do you think about what should/shouldn't be said for the sake of your potential/regular
readers ? (or your own privacy for all i care)

(another freakin pause to think of more - 8:30)

3. what motivates you to write, as in what are the things that triggers the blogger within?

(yah.. you got it, another long annoying pause - 8:39AM)

4. how the hell do you gather all the super flashing thoughts of whatever you write about in harmony? (whatever that means, i can't understand myself sometimes)

i don't exactly know why i wrote all that, i just felt like expressing it., i know that you're probably thinking "wow, freak alert!" cause the answers to these questions are obvious,

but you gotta give me a break cause i'm getting this huge mood downgrade to my old self (long story, i'll write about that later) off the improved peppy (eh, where the hell did i pick that word up?), funny-like gently sarcastic go getter and i've been fighting it for a while now yet think that i've obviously given up cause of personal happenings that comes in form of a bang on the head.. so to speak..

i apologize if you only got only half or nothing of what i'm trying to say, these words were raw and merely modified and more explained here and there, and if you felt weird while reading my weird self invented americano accent

if you ever read all that i thank you, if you ever take the time to comment on it you'll be personally making my day..

oh and check out my attempt to catch my online friends' attention