Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Weird Dream

i don't know about you but i hate dreams, i don't care if it's good. bad or scary, cause they're all weird, at least the ones i get (oh lucky me..),

it starts when i fell asleep a couple of days ago,
i dreamt about me knowing this "girl of my dreams" and of course glazy look that doesn't show the face, i was in the car with her and she tells me that her "family" doesn't approve of me (the sole irony in this dream),

then i get a flash of her father with a frowny face as a courtesy along with the talk, another flash of one of my best friends and it appears that he's friends with her too, then i feel a bit jealous about it, back to the car scene and the funny thing is that the car looks like my friend's car (the one in the dream) and it has a brownish colour (wich is apparently the theme colour of the dream now) and the sky looks like it too except that it's much ligher,

we arrive at a building that i think is a school one, and vuala, the dream ends and i wake up with "DUH?!" as a first impression of it, i called my friend later on (he lives in the uae atm as a student) and told him about the weird quincident of him being in a dream of mine and that it's the first time ever in a long time that i dreamt of a close friend of mine, the funny thing is that he didn't give a damn about it by summing his answer up with an "oh, okay"..