Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the mini update

just got off work an hour early today to catch up to bin khaldon street, i really wonder why they close up so early compared to other variety stores around kuwait, some close at 9:30 while others do last minute merches around 10.

lucky for me i have a friend that i've been counting on to feed my nerd doses and i called him early to hook me up with an external dvd drive.

now for the ripoff comparison
  1. iCity combo drive replacement 90 kd+5 labor= bullshit

  2. order it online 24 kd+whatever they take for shipment

  3. buy an external which i did 18 kds

number 3 is what i did and it seemed the least fucked up thing to do just to reinstall the operating system and bring back my beautiful web browsing desktop with beefed up ram! WOOT

and onto restoring the mac

it's me again

yesterday morning i picked up my mac mini from iCity, what used to be Mac thinks

bought this little beauty over a year ago at a whopping tag of 320 KDs, the now mini that they offer which are out of stock atm and they offer it for 280, the difference is huge performance wise and the repair cost for my little baby is HALF THE FREAKIN PRICE of the NEW ONE

let me explain further, 30 kds for the ram upgrade which consist of 2x little itsie notebook ram sticks that i can pick up on bin khaldon street for 12-14 kds (guesstimate).

90 KDs for a darn combo drive, looked up the tags on the 2 days it took them to pop the hood and swap the little things and spotted the ripoff,

costs 24 kds for a combo drive and 14 for a super one which i absolutely won't mind cause i rarely do any burning on the box anyways..

the reason i needed to replace the drive was stupid me shoving sticker labeled roms inside the poor lil thing when i first got it and the drive ended up as a sticker microwave and got borked,

now the other reason that really made me drive my lazy ass into the traffic disaster that is shuweikh to get to iCity is that the power went off in my house and the poor mini decided to not take the hit for the millionth time, thing boots into os x just fine but for some reason Finder and Dock don't want to Start up anymore

tried all the troubleshoot crap i could lookup on google like deleting a couple of plist files and doing Disk Permissions repairs and all that sort of geeky stuff

the mini is amazing for such specs, like handing a zillion tabs on firefox with huge flash videos running, that's with only 512 megs of ram on a thing that is technically on par with your regular ol nowadays 250 KDish cheaptops that are all over the market
just as a reminder i got this thing a little over a year ago, i can't let go of this thing ;)

had to plug my sort-of-a-backup-pc linux box and play around with it while playing WoW on my game box.

so there ya go, first post in a little over a year and a half on my abandoned blog.

back with thought flows!