Friday, September 30, 2005

their loss, not mine..

  • people are different

  • some alienate themselves while others try to communicate

i try to embrace life, be nice to people and treat them equally, no prejudice or racism, i admit i do have them in me, planted in me actually, affected by the community and raised with them, but thank god i hide them off and try to forget that evil, lame and elitist crap

i would want to talk about how men and women don't get each other on various relationship levels (from casual friendships to serious love), how men seem careless but they're really blocking their emotions out, cause they are sensitive too, they're human, we are all the same, it's just the way both genders react towards things they get, cause and effect..
how women show their emotions without elaborating them (the cause, reaction towards it and the solution), how they tend to show their feelings while men don't on most occasions cause of the macho thing, pride and shesma, compromise of leadership sometimes.

i personally can relate to all that but i try to be as open as i possibly can in my thoughts and debates, as in more than just accepting the other's opinion, i mean opening my mind out to them, tell what i feel and what i think of the certain point of subject and other related matters (that's why you're seeing the short lines up there cause i think they're related and leading to the same point of this post),

am i being clear enough?, i don't think i am, i probably need to take a class of some sort to learn how to express myself more and clearly..

i think cross gender friendships are totally possible, healthy and can be as open as possible and they do work out fine, but here.., my surroundings, the place i live in, country, region, it's starting to spread out, trying to work out fine, but the issues.., reactions and treating the other as a human being first, then considering the other's gender and character and respecting 'em, while trying to be as civil as possible and not annoy the other with a misbehavior while realizing what you're doing and not admit it or try to better yourself by getting rid of it, ya3ni treating the other as nice and respecting as possible for god's sake and not exactly calling the other selfish while you're exactly being that or even worst, being self absorbed, as in being bothered by listening to someone else's expressions and complaints, that's what friends are there for right?, ya3ni who else are you gonna talk to about your issues?,
les familia?, what if you're not that close to your family.., people are different with diverse issues that are common, people are different ya3ni even the decent ones would probably not have tight knit relationships with their families and have a total different personality that is none relative to their family's,

i just wish that i would meet as much decent people as possible in my life time.., i could probably survive it fine.

the alternative you ask?, finding your other "compatible" half, now good luck with that

this post was inspired by my dear Symbols (les topique ;p) and something that happened to me today..,
i apologize if my elaborating skills are a bit lackish today, ickiness caused by boredom and the need to flee out to a resting ground.


At 9/30/2005 12:24:00 AM , Blogger Swair. said...

i can definitly relate to that... and i could understand a few things :p so it wasn't COMPLETELY vague :D

At 9/30/2005 05:45:00 AM , Blogger Delicately Realistic said...

i must admit that it was a little confusing, and i think im facing the same problem u are (that is if there a problem) i think im lacking decent people in my life, i dont know it could be me, i dont know if i just attract the wrong ppl, but mostly i think i just befriend any1 who comes my way, so i ended up with a huge sala6a of mismatching ppl. I dunno maybe im being oversensitive. Get what i mean?

At 10/02/2005 12:51:00 AM , Blogger Dragon said...

SwAiR: ashwa at least you got the point, 7adda ma kan li '7elg writing at the time so i wrote some more! hehe

Delicately Realistic: hi there!, well i must admit that i was trying to be a little bit "mystique" and general rather than being straight to the point with specific issues concerning the person addressed by that "generalized rant" and hurting their feelings and end up living with guilt for a while, and yeah i do know what you mean, but i personally don't befriend anyone except for the ones that exchange their "friendliness" with mine as in "click" whenever we converse, doesn't really matter what kind of person they are as long as they're not "strange" in character if you know what i mean, so it is a total sala6a yeah, i get ur point! :)

At 10/02/2005 12:55:00 AM , Blogger Dragon said...

oh and i apologize for the garga btw :P, you know i also think of myself as a realistic person next to being logical, i'll probably go on and name myself "logically realistic" :P lol, love the name!


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