Friday, December 26, 2008

i love you AFL!

yet another bunch of great people that make me still have hope in this forsaken piece of land

if only my parents weren't the oldskool kuwaiti parent kind of type, i woulda had me a cute lil cuddly kitty and probably a puppy too =(

i have to respect my parents' "NO FREAKIN PETS SETTING FOOT EVER IN THIS HOUSE DOUCHEBAG" kind of ideology and settle for an adoption when i'm happily hitched and have my own 'crib' (did i just type that...)

if you can adopt a pet and/or are willing to chip in to the good people at Animal Friends Leage of Kuwait, make sure to drop them a line or give them a call at +965-67001622

thanks Mark for having their banner on your blog, you have you have my salute and mucho bueno karma shoved your way

thank you, mister sailor guy

thanks to you, i've been living in 56k dial-up hell for the past week, you and your anchor made my 1MB line drop down to it's knees and cry for a mercy shot.

2000 freakin' pings aren't much fun when you're an online gaming addict, not to be able to watch online video doesn't strike me for having any use for my friggin' mac box either.

to me a computer without (usable) internet is just a hunk of junk, down ranked to a data storage box for all i care.

i hope you, your crew and your heavenly anchor had a wonderful week..just like i did.