Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the mini update

just got off work an hour early today to catch up to bin khaldon street, i really wonder why they close up so early compared to other variety stores around kuwait, some close at 9:30 while others do last minute merches around 10.

lucky for me i have a friend that i've been counting on to feed my nerd doses and i called him early to hook me up with an external dvd drive.

now for the ripoff comparison
  1. iCity combo drive replacement 90 kd+5 labor= bullshit

  2. order it online 24 kd+whatever they take for shipment

  3. buy an external which i did 18 kds

number 3 is what i did and it seemed the least fucked up thing to do just to reinstall the operating system and bring back my beautiful web browsing desktop with beefed up ram! WOOT

and onto restoring the mac


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