Saturday, October 29, 2005

to be tagged..

Sou's tag:
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one of the main reasons i smoke is soothing my temper and it works
well.., self explanatory!

i tag:
  1. you

  2. you too

  3. and you

  4. oh and you too

  5. um.., okay, you ba3ad

i know..

Friday, October 28, 2005

a mini-itx pc

you think that ordering mini-itx parts is too much for a linux based box?, i've been thinking about it for a long while, it's on my need-to-get-for-personal-satisfaction list right below the ibook g4.

a few links to familiarize with mini PCs:
Shuttle Inc
VIA Embedded

and the ASUS S-presso which is a total beaute but i doubt that any of my fave linux distros would like it's multimedia centric features though i'd LOVE to get my hands on.

could you notice more and more of how i'm fond mini electronics?, especially the ones that are actually more useful than their regular sized counterparts, gotta love technology..

Monday, October 17, 2005

bad memory, the consequence

if you use firefox and you're trying to comment in a blogger blog's popup comment window, watch out when you try to copy a person's name.., you click on it by mistake and it goes to their god forsaken profile page and you can't go back no matter what you try to do (alt+left arrow/backspace, mako faida, probably a security design thing), happened to me just a while ago and it devastated me cause i couldn't remember what i exactly said and i wrote one of them long personal specialty comments, i almost gave up on it but i tried to rewrite as i remember what i was trying to say,
it's not just that, the short term memory thing, it's a complete package, i have a problem remembering stuff in general most the time and i hate it, it drives me crazy and i get frustrated over a pesky task or thing, trying to trace back what i was just doing if i ever get distracted by something else for example, and trying to remember what i said the other day while having a talk with someone for another.

that's what happens when you train yourself to forget negative things of the past and try to move on, that's what i had myself get used to, living my adult life, forgive and forget..

cause and effect..

blanked mind, it's a relief for the big issues, but a total frustrating annoyance for yours truly's daily life..

Sunday, October 16, 2005

my new internet device thingie

The WAG354G Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway
The WAG354G Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway

i got this baby off bin khaldon a couple of days ago and i'm in love! :D *ditches the crappy old OEM isp one away*

it's got wifi (family and their laptops, ugh! :P) in addition to the regular local network, a RICH with configuration options web interface, built in (real) firewall and the ability to expose *ALL* ports to a certain local ip address, so no more manual port adding every time i wanna try out a certain proggie with a specific open port need, plus only redirecting that specific port to a specific ip address on the whole network which sucks, still too bad i can only have it open up for just a single ip bas..

oh well.., it is a brand new model (i think) and i'll probably send them a suggestion email (HAH!, that'll be the day!) to beg them to expand the open port range thing for more than just one computer on the network on their potential upcoming update.

The DMZ hosting feature allows one local user to be exposed to the Internet for use of a special-purpose service such as Internet gaming or videoconferencing. DMZ hosting forwards all the ports at the same time to one PC. The Port Forwarding feature is more secure because it only opens the ports you want to have opened, while DMZ hosting opens all the ports of one computer, exposing the computer so the Internet can see it.

Any PC whose port is being forwarded must have its DHCP client function disabled and should have a new static IP address assigned to it because its IP address may change when using the DHCP function.

oh well.., i'm happy!, now i can (barely) surf little webs and listen to comedy stations on my pda without the slow bluetooth limitation!, YAY WIFI! :D

simple.., yet powerful meanings

i'm exhausted.., addiction fighting back the will to fast.., thoughts and wills altered to please the addict within..
weakened and frustrated by restrictions, my addiction is acting out with a will of it's own.
my personal privacy's being censored, i'm being questioned indirectly, getting hints/nudges (na'3zat) from the close and around..

you get the point, i'm purposely being vague

potential post: my thoughts on my public/social/local political views, me being tourn up with my conservative people and my liberality, am i a liberal conservative or is it the other way around?, ya3ni is there a difference?,

i'll try to figure it out..

end the boring lameness

my props to Bo Jaij and Mahmood and (lots of!) others for their efforts to boycott such trashy comic shows which i got disgusted off watching a couple since the begining of ramadan, what Bo Jaij said in his blog entry is more than enough so there isn't any need for me to say anything about it, gotta love it when you find people who agree with you on certain things that you'd think that you're alone in your opinions on.

i'd sayl boycott the damn sponsors!, they're the major profitable side of them all! :P, as in don't participate in their show's "mosaba" and at least try not to buy their stuff and look for alternatives (as in buy that company's certain product instead of the other's, for example).

thanks to you guys, i rest my case..

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ramadanish accents

  • embarak 3alekom elshahar

  • kel 3am wentaw eb'7eer

  • ramadan kareem

  • kol sana wento 6ayebeen

  • happy ramadan

  • ..(blank) *ick!*

  • 3asakom men 3owadah! :D

have a smooth, acheless, headachless ramadan!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


made a pesky amateur 2.4mb website using frontpage and burned it in a 50mb business cd for the "final" assignment (FUCKING HOPEFULLY, i hate that god damn class!)

my car's tail lights' bulbs are burnt (both of them!) and i had to rely on my fog light for the last couple of night outs, i'm not in the mood to get it to the dealership's main and only garage that is in business for 4 damn different car makes (peugeot, mazda and whatever the other 2 are..)

i'm trying to ditch cola again, didn't have (or buy) any since last night and now i have a dry sorey throat, , i got a 2 gallon (i think) fruit juice can instead and been guzzling on it since, can't handle smoking without cola (and viceversa) and not only that, i'm being moody and i'm blaming it on ditching cola too, what kind of damn addiction is that, i really don't know exactly what makes me addicted to soft drinks, i tried checking my blood sugar level at the hospital once but they said that i was just fine, so i guess it's the other possible addictive thing in cola which is caffeine.

i wanna get rid of both of them fucking nasty habits but they really make me feel better, the medicine to my temper and down/bad moods