Friday, September 30, 2005

their loss, not mine.., the closing lines

(on a personal note)

oh, on a personal note?, i'm not gonna lay out the bad (lots) in you and then would probably blurt out the good (almost seldom) in you, i'm not gonna mention you acting like an 8 year old brat who thinks that the world circles around them. who keeps ranting and whining while i listen like an idiot while thinking of a simple meaning thing that you would comprehend (oh well, i guess i did..), we all have issues to whine and bitch about, but we also do tend to listen to the other's too, that's what friends are there for, we listen to their problems and hope that they are eligible to listen to ours too, if people want to talk more frequently, politely asking you how you are first, how you feel, that doesn't mean we'd want "attention" and that we wouldn't understand if it's not the right time, it's about sensing if the other is available to listen, i mean i try to be always there as a helping hand and an ear layer to a friend in need, and i do expect it in return, i don't think that would be selfish of me, nothing's wrong with giving and expecting in return, that's a fact of life, but i personally tend to give more and just expect a little gratitude in return.

and being "offended" by a slang?, my god how "mistake catching" of them!, i mean "SHIT" happens (referring to a situation ,for anti-anti-slang explanation purpose), friends forgive and forget, or that's how i understand and act on, i passed on a lot of offends and other general mistakes that i would personally try not to have coming out of me.

i try.., i try to be as civil and as logical as i can, but i guess it's clashing with other awkward (in my humble opinion) personalities, the fact that people are different.., i know that would probably won't work out friendship-wise but i had hope in embracing it (and hopefully still do).

there!, i said it!, now i could sleep with a restful mind, i've actually let some steam off, i'm surprised i've written all that calmly while i was thinking them in an angry tone, i wish i could've been as frank as SwAIR when it comes to "letting some steam off" aka ranting, but i seriously consider not offending (much) anyone in whatever i say (6a7 7a'6ey)..

*loong sigh* i would've written more about it but i'm afraid that i'm too sleepy and i can't help it if i ever fall asleep on the keyboard *glares at you laptop owning people*



At 10/01/2005 08:19:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want a mac mini ;(

At 10/02/2005 12:56:00 AM , Blogger Dragon said...

lol well you and me both buddy.. ;P


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