Monday, June 20, 2005

UNLEASH the geek within

mister b-sides Mark, this post is dedicated to you
(aka your advice is greatly needingly appreciated LOL :P)

i want a mac!!, and i want it portable cause i haven't got both yet, i want a mac cause it's something i haven't practically tried yet, and i want a laptop cause i wanna be in some outdoursy near the beach "browsing the web".. hah as if!, that's too average for me, i try operating systems (linux) and check out software more than i do your average browse the web chat with people kind of thing..

i want a mac cause it's CUTE with a nice feel to it, totally user friendly and with not much to configure for HOURS to get the perfect desktop that you like, i want a portable and i thought of windows mobile (i-mate) but it's cons are awful like this battery issue and settings, files and software lost if it ever died, i still would love one but i won't be wasting my own money on it :P, me wants laptop thingie cause mobility is nice, taking your chat access web browse experience is a cool thought..

now the price of the hot mac laptoppie ones is EXPENSIVE here, as in 800+ kds expensive, these are the powerbooks, they look sleek and fine but 17 inch for a monitor?, too much for even me besides the overprice, i'd love my mac lappie to be small, cute and unique like the ibook, aii even the name is kinda catchy don't you think? :D

the 12-inch Combo Drive is cute looking with a small monitor making the laptop itself small, but the specs sucks!, as in 1.2 GHz (which is fine by me cause it's portable and i don't need to have any heavy stuff on it) and 256mb ram only and i know that OSX won't run smoothly on it specially with programs hugging on the memory next to it.. well it says on the on page that it supports up to 1.25GB but with only 1 expansion slot, 30 gig hard drive and 32mb ram for the vga,

too bad a spec cause please my god it costs around 400+ at eureka and probably virgin too and they have MUCH better specs for almost the same price on regular laptops, i remember them having a promo including this baby and a colored ipod mini for 444 kds, 7asafa i wasn't that interested but i was thinking about it back then i would've probably seriously thought about buying..

i tried the operating system (Mac OSX) once or twice enough that i know i could get used to it easily, most of the popular software brands like browsers, chat and media programs support it plus it can run linux software thingies with the help of some programs like fink, it's a debian linux package management thingie which downloads and installs software with a single command or a convenient click of a button with a package browser (WOW i should change my name off average joe to geeky q80 <-- rhyms!) and don't forget that it is unix yet friendliest to the extreme and it's SAFE, as in NO DAMN antivirus or firewall bothering you every now and then with a virus alert and boring long scans or with a window popping up about every pesky thing that happens, so when i sum it up it's like ME WANTS MAC LAPPIE THINGIE BIG TIME!! hehe, and i'm thinking of buying it local cause i want out of the box arabo support like arabic keyboard and already there arabic fonts support on fresh install (is that possible?) so internet shopping is a big fat no no, plus i want it in my hands as soon as i pay or i'll go nuts waiting for it to be delivered..

so i've got windows on this baby that i personally assembled 6 months ago, linux on the old surviving lady that i had for 5 years and it's still kicking butt, so the great next thing that'll complete the collection would be a mac and in a laptop for a plus,

i know that apple's gonna move out to the outer world of pc hardware instead of it's annoyingly different ppc architecture that makes it unique in a lame expensive way, but i also like the fact that it is unique, i like different, but not in an extreme out of the circle way if you know what i mean..

okay that's it, that's what happens when i talk tech, i'm a pro tech user (NOT geek cause i don't like to go deep into that stuff), i like trying out different ways of computing probably cause i'm trying to find the perfect flawless experience with no hassle..

yadda yadda enough tech talk for now and my blogging habbit is getting too fast for my brain so i'll probably relax for a while (a week max) and kick back and relax while hassling on my favorite bloggies with useless comments LOL,

luv you all n ciao :D


At 6/20/2005 03:23:00 PM , Blogger Jacqui said...

I believe powerbooks are much better than the ibooks.. The 12inch powerbook with superdrive is alot better, it runs on 512mb ram and has 1.5Ghz G4.. I believe I saw it in Virgin at the price of 675KD.. Whereas online its more like 500 or so KD.. There is a difference but since you want it immediately then you might consider that..

At 6/20/2005 03:28:00 PM , Blogger Dragon said...

well jackie the powerbook is aimed towards professional use, the ibook is kinda more simple and smaller, that i want in a laptop plus it's CUTE CUTE CUTE lol i love how oval and milky it is and it's not as pricey as the powerbook ba3ad..

At 6/20/2005 05:45:00 PM , Blogger Mark said...

I love the 12inch iBooks. THey are very pretty, they are very compact, they come with wifi built in, they are durable (made for students), they come with combo drives, USB2.0, and the speed is pretty fast (I am currently running Tiger on a G4733mhz for example).

The best thing about the 12inch iBook is you can pick one up from Amazon for only $899, thats KD260! Get 512MB ram with it and you are ready to go!

Both my brother and wife have 12inch powerbooks but i really dont like them. Nibaq has the 15inch powerbook and i think thats huge, another friend of mine has a 17inch powerbook and thats REALLY HUGE. Finally, I never liked the 14inch ibooks, they are big and bulky.

At 6/20/2005 05:53:00 PM , Blogger Mark said...

one more thing, if you decide to get an ibook, be patient, i believe the ibook will get a speed bump very very soon.

also 1.25ghz is pretty speedy, I had a G3 700mhz ibook, nibaq still has his G3 500mhz ibook, and my wife has a G4 867mhz pbook and they are still very usable so 1.25 is pretty fast.

At 6/20/2005 06:35:00 PM , Blogger Dragon said...

hi mark, thanks for stopping by! :)

well the problem is that amazon's bag of 12inch ibooks plus i'm really serious about getting one with a local language keyboard support, the ram thing won't be a big issue cause i probably can upgrade anytime i want at the local retailer's shop (i can do that, right?..) and yeah you're probably right about the processor speed being different and fast!

the sudden news of apple moving out of ppc's way is kinda itchy though.. but what the hell, i'll probably keep it as a historical peice of art to be remembered years from now or something like that :D

btw you didn't mention any experience with *any* of the local distributors thought, i was sort of wondering about them :|

thanks again mark for stoping by and pointing out some facts, it's real fun getting in touch with the local mac users

At 6/21/2005 09:37:00 AM , Blogger Mark said...

This is the link you need:

You can get it from the states and they can print the arabic letters on your keyboard here for like KD9. This is what ad agencies who buy stuff from the States do.

RAM is a lot cheaper to buy online, 1GB RAM stick for your ibook will cost you $135 which is pretty cool. its VERY EASY to install the ram upgrade yourself. Apple even has step by step videos, and documentation. Process should take you 5 minutes.

I don't like any of the local dealers. They all have problems, and I would rather purchase my mac from the states. The deal at Virgin with the free ipod mini was cool though, put the price a lot closer to the american one. Now incase you do one a buy a mac from Kuwait, shop around, you will get a whole bunch of prices, just go with the cheapest.

At 6/21/2005 09:38:00 AM , Blogger Mark said...

btw, if you have any more questions, just email me.


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