Friday, June 24, 2005

xbox is heaven sent

i love my xbox, but i've been too bored to even turn that thing on and play, i usually play on it to temporarily escape my boredom and get excited over adventure story driven games and finishing them one at a time, i'm trying to get over with Red Ninja (cute deadly chick with a REALLY short kimono) for now but it's soo frustrating cause i'm stuck at a level (oh hi symb!) with shaky grounds that i have to jump and swing over and over on them to reach the top of some overgrown statue of Buddha,

you should check it out really, it's worth the 1.500 kds (LOL don't get richeous on me now :P) that i paid, it's a classic story that takes place in ancient*?* japan. i don't know cause there was a level where i get inside some bulgarian ship that turns out to be a stealthed gang ship with lots of gun powder in it *GULP*,

i think i'm starting to give up on it cause i've been trying to get over that lame frustrating jump and hang all over the place level and start play some serious hot game called Tom Clancy's Splintercell: Chaos Theory, i played the previous version on pc and i LOVED IT, IT ROCKED, i couldn't play it as soon as i bought it though, i had to put it aside cause my old pc didn't like it and didn't even want to run it, i got me a new pc a few months later and played the thing like there's no tomorrow,

that's how cool of a game it is, so realistic and cool spy licensed to kill kind of game, as a matter of fact i'm gonna play me some chaos theory on me xbox RIGHT NOW, i wanted to play it last cause i wanted to enjoy it real good and i know that i'll pass through it but feel funny cause playing the older one with a mouse and keyboard was more comfortable and had lots of buttons to press on..

i don't care about the new 360 one cause usually here consoles get famous a year after with a more acceptable price tag, i wuv my well hidden under the fat tv above the receiver and dvd overweight xbox! :D

i just had a chat with symb and she's such a nice person, she types in whole sentences unlike the annoyingly couple of words and enter kind of me..,

i'm hungry :P


At 6/24/2005 01:42:00 PM , Blogger Sou said...

I had a gr8 time chatting with you too!! hehehe...And you WERE typing full sentences, so don't worry bout that ;)

And dude, you are such a gamer!! My brother is glued to his PS2 and all he plays is this NBA game (bor-ing!)

I love playing Tomb Raider! Lara Croft kicks ass!!!

At 6/24/2005 06:13:00 PM , Blogger Mark said...

i love my xbox also. been playing forza motorsports the past 2 weeks. now today i am going to try and install the EVOX dashboard. Hopefully I am geek enough to do it.

At 6/24/2005 06:35:00 PM , Blogger Dragon said...

Symbols: aww thanks! that's so sweet of you :D, oh no i'm merely trying to amuse myself with that thing that doesn't count me as a gamer! lol

Mark: hey!, if you're into motor sports games i really recommend Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition, this game has LOTS of great cars, suvs and even trucks and motorcycles to mod and race with!, but i warn you it's addictive and frustrating if you ever drive the classics or the motorcycles!, it's really a great game and much more customizable than even underground 2 with really fast going cars, challenging and fun, but you're warned cause the gauge thingie is only set to MILES and not KILOs so i don't really know how fast i'm going most the time, that's the only set back about it..

i've never heard of EVOX before i'll probably google it now and find out about it, i even thought about trying to install linux or that media player wannabe thing but found out that it needs lots of stuff and hassle to get them up and running! :|

At 6/24/2005 11:03:00 PM , Blogger BLaSha said...

i neva tried the xbox altohught i got my bro one on his BD, i might try it soon,, i only play PS2 Need For Speed, i love that game,

and hey, i can tell you sumthin reaaaaal nice to eat, bs maynba3 ella bel a7midi,, wanna try it??

At 6/27/2005 02:26:00 AM , Blogger Dragon said...

BLaSha: then you'll LOVE midnight club 3!, i've been playing that game like crazy sinse i already knocked out nfsug 2 on pc :p that game is the bomb!, yeah you know you'll probably think that the xbox's pad is kinda huge and weird but it's actually more comfy on your hand grip, i checked out the neph's ps2 early in the day and i thought that the pad was weirdly shaped and tiny :| LOL

ahmadi you say? *gulp*, last time i passed through it was last summer on my way home off the shaleh!, i actually don't like getting out of the deerah that often cause of my bad memory and the fact that i can get lost on the road easily.., i have a friend who lives in elthahar though.., i could ask him to check it out for me and probably send me some of that reaaaaal nice eatable thing you're talking about :D


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