Friday, June 10, 2005

dear q80 bloggies..

WARNING!: too complicated to be read if passing you're just passing by

HELP!, i've been really wanting to write about stuff regular interesting fe'6awa or even bitch about anything that pisses me off,

but i'm afraid.. afraid of what you ask?, of being not interesting enough to dem peepz (believe me i've been tying to be),
if you'd ever take a look at my previous posts you'd notice that i've thought of every single word i wrote and it's really painful, cause it usually takes me an HOUR to write one and even days, weeks or months (i really don't remember) to push my self on writing another :P, i REALLY need you to answer these:

(pause to think of the damn questions - 8:29AM)

1. does it take you a while to write a blog entry? if so, how much?

2. do you think about what should/shouldn't be said for the sake of your potential/regular
readers ? (or your own privacy for all i care)

(another freakin pause to think of more - 8:30)

3. what motivates you to write, as in what are the things that triggers the blogger within?

(yah.. you got it, another long annoying pause - 8:39AM)

4. how the hell do you gather all the super flashing thoughts of whatever you write about in harmony? (whatever that means, i can't understand myself sometimes)

i don't exactly know why i wrote all that, i just felt like expressing it., i know that you're probably thinking "wow, freak alert!" cause the answers to these questions are obvious,

but you gotta give me a break cause i'm getting this huge mood downgrade to my old self (long story, i'll write about that later) off the improved peppy (eh, where the hell did i pick that word up?), funny-like gently sarcastic go getter and i've been fighting it for a while now yet think that i've obviously given up cause of personal happenings that comes in form of a bang on the head.. so to speak..

i apologize if you only got only half or nothing of what i'm trying to say, these words were raw and merely modified and more explained here and there, and if you felt weird while reading my weird self invented americano accent

if you ever read all that i thank you, if you ever take the time to comment on it you'll be personally making my day..

oh and check out my attempt to catch my online friends' attention


At 6/10/2005 02:58:00 PM , Blogger Jacqui said...

I thought you might need a little urging hand from the almighty Jackie :D I believe what you are experiencing is the fear of what peers or friends or family who know you blog would think about your thoughts.. I stumbled upon here this first time but I am set to fix you up to not fear anyone and write freely :D

Answers to your questions are:

1. It depends on how long the blog entry is.. If I am relating an entire day or complaining about a subject it usually takes me from 10 minutes to 30 minutes if I write constantly with no instant messages from friends to bother me, If I am bothered then it might extend to an hour :)

2. Not really, I don't fear anyone and I don't believe that this blog is for anyone but myself, the readers are an added bonus, it's to get people to interact in your life and give you sound advice if there is any.. As for privacy issues I would sometimes make up real stories with fake characters to talk about things I might be shy to talk about.. :r

3. Everything, nothing specific though.. I can write about a movie I watched to a person I glimpsed at in the street that pissed me off or such.. There is no one thing that motivates me..

4. I can't understand myself at all, but I always try to write without thinking that way the thoughts might be coherent in their own way..

Anyhooo, I never care what people think when they read as long as it's not highly offensive in racial or sexual terms or religious for that matter.. Otherwise everything is free for me to write about or express..

It's called Freedom of Speech.. Practice it :D

At 6/10/2005 03:47:00 PM , Blogger Dragon said...

thanks jackie!, you know that's it you've hit the right string, i'm afraid of being too honest and get offensive and scare people away :P

i'll get on with your advice and write without thinking then i'll do the usual beautification..

and i know what freedom of speech is thank you very much :P, i just care too much about how'd people think/react to what i say i guess..

thanks for taking the time to answer my weird questions, know that you made me smile :D

At 6/10/2005 05:18:00 PM , Blogger Jacqui said...

Hehehe, no problem really.. If you browse through my archives of my blog you will find the earlier posts I have offended some of the readers or some other blogger fellow-mates but then I got on with it and in time grew up with my writing and such.. I write what I want and when I feel like it.. Please do the same.. It's freeing and writing is theraputic.. Who knows you might be the next big shot author out there with your writings and such..

At 6/12/2005 06:34:00 AM , Blogger Sou said...

Blogging is an addiction, and after a while it gets confusing and you ask yourself:

"Am i blogging for me or for them?

Answering your questions:

1.It takes me a very long while! Mostly because i leave the writing, watch some t.v. come back and write a little, have a lil snack, go back to write. So in average, it takes me nearly 1-2 hours to write an an entry.

2. Well, about what to write, i try to summarize all my thoughts (and add any new ones that pop in!--hence "thinking out loud" ;p)

I write for me, and like JaCkie said, "the readers are an added bonus" but it's a fabulous bonus! I love it when readers comment and share their opinions on what they write.

Hmm, i think this answer has nothing to do with the question asked :p o well..heheh

3. Well, everything! From a movie to what goes on in my life or the exploding thoughts in my head ;p

4. Harmony? Have you read my blog?! LOL!

I liked your entry! it's fun and it had a new twist to it! Way to go Dragon :D


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