Friday, June 17, 2005

gotta love it when i'm right..

"R&B clearly has its origins in the secular folk music of the American black musician - the Blues. For me, the Blues is essentially about emotional expression and is predominantly a vocal medium - although there are many examples of blues instrumentals to refute this assertion, it is the singer who expresses the feelings of the blues; and there are a number of vocal techniques which are used to create the desired effects. There are of course a range of blues intrumentations which accompany the central vocal performance (the bending of guitar strings, the classic bottleneck of so many of the great blues guitarists, the harmonica imitating the idioms of the human voice etc. etc.) and which clearly help to create the unique blues performance."

and this is what triggered the ever lasting stupid rage of a discussion between me, the logical minded straight to the point me and an emotional narcissistic surprisingly closed minded novel hugging bookworm who though of joe (who happens to be one of my idols that i think of as one of best ever vocal sensations in R&B and a great song writer/composer) as a dog who lures whores into having hot doggy animalistic wet sex through his hot looks and his pimped out pricey ride to his fat expensive luxurious crib(house) by just reading the lyrics of a single song and then summed up a whole genre of music as garbage (and that's the clean version of what's been said)..

that person considered that song as mere emotionless physical sex with the purpose of fulfilling the animal need in him (joe, the artist), and i was shocked cause they explained love to me as a spiritual experience *only* and physical love has no part in it nor even romance.., i respect their point of view as they grabbed an idea of love through reading imaginative fictional poetry and novels etc. (i'm not much interested in that btw), but attacking my point of view of what was meant by the lyrics of the song and the intention of the artist was really shocking to me, i mean nothing's wrong with expressing your love and admiration to your partner through strong meaningful straight to the point simple words and acting on them, as in living the romantic moment (which was thought of as illiterate by a third party)..

i was really angry, i thought of them as being as open minded as i am, i think that the intension of the stubborn enforced point of view that got in my nerves (and i'm not an easy to piss off kind of person) was meant to hurt me, as in it was intensional for the purpose of driving me away.., i was hurt, shocked sad and angered all at the same time, they were trying to prove that by being different we're no longer compatible, and the intension had nothing to do with this point, had nothing to do with the strong relation we had, and i think that being different was one of the reasons that this relation was based on..

at last i moved on, trying to forget about what we ever had in the past, erased the memories (some good, LOTS of bad ones) and just keep on living this god forsaken life.., i feel weak and miserable like i used to in the past that i left behind, the bad mood that i was talking about (they triggered it..) in a previous post and tried to avoid..

- FIN -

PS: *looks at the clock and time of post* ooh, 45 minutes of straight writing!, beat that jackie! :P hehe


At 6/24/2005 05:43:00 PM , Blogger Sou said...

Hmm..well i love how you expressed your emotions SO powefully about this issue!! And about a music genre! woah!

And i don't think it's fair to generalize. So to describe a whole genre as "garbage" from listening to one song is wrong, very, very wrong!!

Keep up the superb work, and i'm looking forward to read more reviews! :D


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