Sunday, July 03, 2005

what a nice summer day

i woke up late today missing my "ms outlook" class (yay, like i need to learn how to use yet another bloated email client..) *bites on whopper jr burger* missed yummy home made lunch and i felt the summer vacation frenzy, as in i felt the need to travel..

i get that a lot of times around the year but this one's special cause i can feel it on other people everywhere i go too, no one answers their phones usually lately (including me) and no one's in the mood to go out cause they can't wait for their scheduled flight to god knows where, not much people online too even the "pretend to be away" guys LOL, you'd check that people are relaxed and bored at the same time too, like they've worked their whole life and they're getting ready to have the vacation of their dreams, pity that i'm not one of them, i get the feeling too but i mostly can't do anything about it and just do whatever i can to keep myself amused most the time :D, can't wait till i get me a job and catch on with the frenzy and fulfill most of my fantasies (which is mostly %75 electronic and tech possessions)..

dreaming on, hoping for stuff.., i think that's probably what's keeping me alive and kicking at the moment, it's just the i got this need TO GOD DAMN TRAVEL anywhere! uae's the first on my list, i think being stuck to this lovely land for 8 damn years is too much for me as a citizen, me wanna go me wanna goo me wants tech eye candy me wants sand surfing (and probably SUV sand surfing too lol :P), i always wanted to screw around with a car in a big biiig empty land lol like a street racer, i think i can do that somewhere in dubai as i heard from someone, just going through the sand hopping around bumps in the sand yaay.. okay enough of that or i'll pack my bags and head to the borders on my own lol :P

have a nice summer everyone, i wish you all fun and amusement elsewhere off the nasty sun heat and the general bad mood in people caused by it!, peace out :D


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