Thursday, December 30, 2004


i am really BORED at the moment, killing time by glazing at my tv and trying to figure out something to do or play with on my crappy old pc,

and ofcourse killing my self with ciggies (cigarettes) that rips off minutes or hours of my life "as if i care about that fact..", guzzling on my kind of beer (coca-cola) and filling my nicotine and caffeine needs..,

i can assure you that people my age have nothing to do at weekends in this country,

except diwaniyas (BIG YAWNER), cruising down the gulf street, working out your legs around malls for mainly hunting down them girlies.. (actually that's mainly teenagers, read on),

we "older" dudes use the fancier way by scoping for long hair or a hijab inside a passing car as previously said, while cruising down the gulf street (or love street, but that became kinda old, love street is now merely a "passage" to gulf.. now back to subject), instantly pop magically right on the side the girl we (or a friend sitting next to us) like and start glazing for a few minutes,

and that ofcourse that's done by causing the lane to be really uncomfortable to stay in for the other rides..,

now if we glanced a mere smile or maybe even imagined it, we instantly switch with a big grin to the back of their car and start a "flashing parade" using the fashionably used xenon lights and wait for a response,

then if that girl likes your ride (or optionally thinks your cute, otherwise cars are the main attraction), she instantly takes the nearest turn to some street that is filled with apartment buildings or something or pretends to go to the nearest baqala (7-11/minimarket), and wait for your action..,

you either use the modern style and talk your way fora few seconds then pass the number orally, or just use the ancient way by picking a pre-written cell number and throw it at her open window; hoping that it lands inside.. then go on for a next hunt! yaay..

and that is ladies and gentlemen, how we basically spend our weekends here in our dear ol' kuwait.


At 1/25/2005 04:23:00 PM , Blogger Griefhoney said...

Good to read those confessions. It fills me with awe how day after anothr I find out that Kuwaiti guys are not as horrible as I think of'em. Good job :p & u sure as hell have a nice way to express u thoughts.. typical Kuwaiti ..

At 3/14/2005 04:09:00 AM , Blogger Kuwaiti Femme said...

i think its pathetic that for men and women to socially interact we have to go through all these illisions of flirting.. what happened to sitting and sharing a coffe while nitpicking each others brains? thats my ideal way of meeting a man.. not when he throws his number through my window and expects me too call.. whats worse is that i ignore these gestures.. and they still follow u around.. should i wear a sign which explains im not interessted? lol.


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