Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Spread Firefox

Use Firefox!, man what can i say, aren't you sick of what the bug magnet "IE" is getting you after waiting for the whole damn pages to load?, like viruses, spyware, worms etc/ela'7 ela'7..

give firefox a try, it's a lightweight (exandable with PLUGINS!), fast (yes, cause it loads the CODE first!, multitabbed (more than one web page in a single window), SAFER!, that means no bloated activex code that could get real nasty when you mistakenly step by a bogus website while "sufring" the web, plus the non heavy themes that actually look good!.

yay, i've always wanted to promote the thing, cause it's WORTH it!, i've been tracking it's development sinse umm.., maybe v2 when it was named phoenix back then, i knew it had potential, cause it has operating system portability cause it uses it's own programming language, and it's derived off the mozilla browser, wich netscape 6 and later versions are based on, so you can really feel the familiarity if you've used either mozilla suite or the netscape browser.

agh!, my first review!, my god that took some semi-heavy thinking "wich i'm not used to do that much, hehe".

so, a couple of days to the new year, i think of years as fresh starts and compare them to correct some of my too many mental problems against my life style "whatever that means.."

i wish you all *hopefully* a happy new year and a good fresh start to till the other one comes in.

have a nice day!


At 12/30/2004 06:15:00 AM , Blogger Xit said...

بالنسبة لي فأنا للحين ما ارتحت له أو مالي خلقه وساعات أحسه يصير ثقيل خاصة لمن يكون عندي صفحة فيها صور وقاعد أسيفهم، شغلة ال "بلق انز" للي فيه حلوة بس انا واحد عيزان مالي خلق أدور وأنزل واضيفهم :P

حاليا بكمبيوتري في ثلاث براوزرات، الاي إي وأوبيرا والفاير فوكس، الفاير فوكس حاطة الديفلت براوزر لكن غالب استخدامي يكون على الأوبيرا.

وعلى فكرة وصلك ستيكر اللوقو تبعهم ولا للحين ؟

At 12/30/2004 11:46:00 AM , Blogger Dragon said...

لول اقول لك الصراحه, ليلحين ما وصلني شي, والمشكله اني شاري كرت كاشيو بالاساس حق هالستيكرات,

عاد حسافه عليهم, كنت بشوف نفسي فيهم وانا لازق واحد منهم بجامة موتري :P

At 1/27/2005 10:30:00 PM , Blogger Griefhoney said...

Just got the thing this afternoon. Looks good... Liked that downlaod manager thingie, the pop-ups blocker and the tab thing... Anyhow, I still didnt get used to it. *LOL* but you did a good job advertising for them...


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