Sunday, April 17, 2005

At last! watch out people, Xit is here!

yep, i managed to drag a dear friend of mine (yes you are Xit, but don't expect any more compliments :p hehe) to the blogging community, he goes by the name Xit, well i tell you it's better than discussing the local politics on instant messaging, him and i could go at it for hours, i'll be trying nag him about posting some of his photography shots too but that'll take me months again, make sure to stop by his blog every once in a while to check his "articles" combined with thoughts and solutions to what's happening here locally,

i am kind of worried about him thought, turning into a politician at his age and time, i'm afraid that i'm the one who turned this sweet ongoing guy with a smile on his face 24/7 into a poligrunt yet it's kind of a good thing cause i feel he got matured by being obsessed with it or something like it (no offense xit, hehe), yet i think it's funny reading his stuff written in straight arabic cause it's not like him at all (he even posts in certain forums with basic arabic, shh!),

i wish you luck artist dude, i hope you don't run out of thoughts like i did for a while hehe, maybe we could motivate one another and i keep the peeps at kuwaitblogs updated about my thoughts too, yeah i know i became even lazier lately but don't blame me for living a boring routine at the moment while i care less about it, i hope i'll be changing that anytime soon and be visiting a few home boy and girl bloggers around..,

thanks for being interested, and wish me luck trying to gather my thoughts around for the next days to come.


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