Wednesday, July 13, 2005

omg.. i live in hell on earth

my god when i got in my car to head back home off the institute my car's heat-o-meter (aka temp thingie on the orange screen) read a blurry 52?°C!, i was like OW MY GOD MY CAR IS MELTING AAAH! LOL, i have this cute little silver (HELL YEAH :D) 2003 Peugeot 3o7 (ookeey.., i just checked it's website thingie and the new 2005 one looks ugly -.-) with blackinteriorr but believe me this little thing is too sensitive, the engine gets weaker and weaker whenever it's a heat fest day out here in kuwait and the the air conditioning sucks more and more LOL, funny thing is that it does GREAT in winter and it goes woosh on the road, it has this tiptronic gear thingie plus a sports button AND this other button with water drop or probably snow drawn on it that i figured was for bad weather handling (like we get any of these often :P)

The Complaint (aka bitching ahead)..

institute sucks nowadays with that instructor chick lecturing us on the great use of the mighty outlook 2k3 and, i just plain hate her cause she acts all serious and snooty (raf3a '7ashemha) plus she's the know it all type and i hate that kind of people too, it's just a 2 bit institute for short termed courses with mostly mature attendees along with them aspiring youngsters (my humble self included :p) taking an hour and a half class per day ya3ni so i dunno why she's acting like she's a college professor with her own rules like no chitchat (WHILE SHE'S *NOT* lecturing) not even helping your next seat class mate with a thing or two concerning the damn thing that we're studying (i hate it when she just stands there and give you the look or knocks hard on the damn desk to get our attention), yesterday she gave us a late break at 11:30 (class is from 10:30 to 12 pm) and got back after she did off wherever she went and we didn't notice her, she waited till most of us youngsters got out and poor me was sitting there longer THEN she mentioned that she's not singing us late comers as "attended" on her list thingie, i got real pissed off and blurted out that she gave us the damn late break so it's practically her fault, i went straight to the manager right after to bitch about it and a couple of chick class mates followed me to back me up on it, the manager was nice but we kinda knew that he'll just probably fix the attending issue and that's it, we argued about how strict she was with us and how fast she goes with the lecture (even i, the humble tech fanatic don't get her most the time) and how she doesn't let us speak a damn word to each other and how she wasn't as easy going as the previous instructors yadda yadda, they even sent a couple of "spies" that were suspiciously looking at me and the other youngsters back in the class most of class time, i got the tip off my next seat class mate off instant messaging (LOL funny how useful it could get, thank god for in class internet!) who got the tip off another class mate who was accidentally outside while they (the "spies") were probably discussing tactics outside the class LOL, i didn't give a damn about it really and i kept staring back at them whenever they do, lol another funny thing that they had theircell phoness in their hands glaring at 'em while they're not staring at us, it was real funny that me and my mate kept whispering comments and giving them the big fat smile for the fun of it, i hate how they get protective whenever a student gives them a complaint about their lousy instructors while they should give them the boot and get better qualified easy going yet professional ones instead (yah, keep on wishing..), i don't want to make any trouble with this institute as i had an experience with a freakingly similar incident back when i was on that MCSE course at newhorizons (now known as "human soft" bleh..) and i ended up having an brutal argument with the instructor that had the same damn characteristics as the one i'm with now (both the same nationality, age and know-it-allness, freaky -.-) and her teacher representative boss or whoever the hell she was and surprisingly they didn't do a thing about it too!, she ended up teaching us for the rest of the course and i flunked out and wasted a year and a half and 2k dinars worth of payments yay.., so i set my mind on being really easy going and just give my back to anything i'd have a problem with and just get on with it and get the damn diploma and get the hell outatherer and get me a job so i'd be self dependant money wise yadda yadda..

- End Of Complaint -

just wish me luck guys.., i dunno why i get all those lameass blocker issues whenever i have my mind set on something.., i just wanna get on with me life and enjoy the damn thing and live happily ever after lol :p, oh and you too btw *does peace sign* :D hehe

good luck struggling with the heat in thisovenn that i call home :D

Ta ta for now :p (*cough* hi symb! :D)


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