Tuesday, November 15, 2005

50 cent special and my net upgrade..

the thing is goin' down right now on marina fm and seriously, americano rapper promoting his movie on a kuwaiti radio show?!, my god way to go marina fm!, even though the show is like a top # countdown or whatever and they're shoving some random songs between the intervew but damn, the DJ sounds like he ain't no rookie ya3ni, suttle americano accent and all with some professional questions, if you happen to catch this post right now here's the link to the live stream, uh.. dammn nvm.., i thought they've finished off with the official website reconstruction or whatever ALREADY!, UGH!
(this was at 4:30ish pm)

oh well.., you could probably catch it if you happen to have a stereo around (wich i don't..), thanks a lot now i'm thinking of adding one to the wish list :P hehe..

i upgraded my dsl line and that's how i cought the special while i was on my way back home, i paid 40 kds for my upgrade and i thought that i would get a discount of some sort cause fasttelco 'was' giving out 20% (months ago) for knet and internet renewals.., the chick told me that now they're doing 10 instead of 20 and noo, of course lucky moi got no discount for my "upgrade" renewal cause an upgrade does not count as a renewal request or whatever corporate crap they deal on customers, gahh i hate their totally unprofessional customer treatment but gotta love their network stability, which goes vice-versa for qualitynet and that's why i do fasttelco with the comfort of renewing my subscription online, total ripoff with bad customer treatment but beats qualitynet when it comes to bandwidth (download/upload) rates and total stability, probably that's why they don't give a damn about their inexperienced customer service dudes and their service cost rates, they're too confident and i respect that, but they need a kick in the butt once in a while and that's what i do :P hehe, learned that the hard way.., god rid of their crappy modem and before that, i had a decent harsh argument with their head tech support dude that shut him up, most of his sorry ass claims that the company is spanking new and they don't have enough working force to support everything at the same time, i was like "your god damn MODEMS are 4 years old goddammit!, you should be getting new modems instead keeping us poor guys coming and work you out for some stupid old outdated crap AND YOU MADE US BUY IT instead of just renting the fucker out or like qnet, just sign some insurance paper with some 15 kd fee and just get it over with", i mean i paid 40 kds for a crappy first generation dsl modem that is older than the isp itself, that's how pissed off i was.

i blame the pouring rain for my yacky blogging mood, well at least i had fun bashing 'em cause i couldn't listen to the special while i'm at it :P, hehe.., oh well.., so how are you today?, are you rain friendly?, i know i am, i wish i was at the beach or at the mesanna at souq sharq while it is raining.., so city calm and soul soothing..


At 11/16/2005 10:59:00 PM , Blogger SheWolf said...

yeah the rain seems to be greatly affecting the mood of the otherwise desert dwelling kuwaitis :P Well at least its not freezing cold at the same time (thank God for small prayers)
- as for ur a3sab regarding the DSL ppl and missing the 50cent interview, DONT attempt a drive by ;p

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